Born On The Rally Stage - Our Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack


When Toyota get together some of their most dedicated, creative minds, they produce some truly magical machines. Whether it’s a Celica, MR-2, GT-86, 2000GT, or Lexus LFA (it’s produced by Toyota really, and re-badged as a Lexus prior to sale), thousands of fans across the globe adore these cars for their fixation on quality, innovation, and their genius approach to engineering.

And they just might have gone and created another gem in the form of the fabulous GR Yaris – a true rally car for the road. To mark their entry into the World Rally Championship, Toyota president Akio Toyoda wanted to produce a killer homologation road car – and this would be no ordinary model.

Powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre masterpiece, the GR Yaris utilises larger diameter exhaust valves, a special ball-bearing turbocharger, multi-jet oil piston cooling, and a WRC2 regulation-compliant six-speed gearbox to produce a remarkably engaging driving experience.

Welcome to Toyota Gazoo Racing; a separate division brought about to create those cars that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Comprising the very best engineers, expert racing drivers, and technical know-how, this dedicated team create cars that are directly inspired by racing.

If you want to know what it feels like to charge around a dusty European rally stage, then get a GR Yaris, find your nearest private dirt track, and push the right pedal into the lightweight carpet. It’s really that good.

Bringing their expert opinion into its development, Toyota Gazoo Racing rally drivers Jari Matti and Kris Meeke say that this special Yaris is about as close as you’ll get to a proper rally car on the road. And coming from them, that’s saying something.

Promoting a critical lightweight ethos, the car uses aluminium body panels, a carbon fibre composite roof, and numerous other weight-saving techniques to make sure that it is a riot to drive.

On top of all this, our incredible example comes with a laugh-out-loud Quicksilver exhaust system. App-controlled, just pull out your phone and switch between ‘let’s not wake up the neighbours, its 4am’ and ‘it’s the weekend…let’s make some noise’ modes. It adds richness and a fresh sense of character to an already awesome sports car; it makes it yours.

The car also comes with a ‘carbon fibre style’ venturi cold air intake system and ‘carbon-effect’ door mirror housings, adding greater flair and originality to the exterior styling, making it even more aggressive and purposeful.

The boffins at Toyota should congratulate themselves. Yes, we understand the need for electrification, hybridisation, and efficiency, but, by gum, is it nice to click through some wonderfully crafted gears every once in a while. A future classic? We think so…

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