Potential energy - Tesla Model Y Performance


Elon really is in command of things at the moment. And if it’s not directing the Twittersphere, building rockets, or messing with AI, it’s cars. And not just any cars – a Tesla can defeat many a supercar in a head-to-head drag race. They’re super impressive; people love the fact that they are totally silent but can accelerate and handle as well as most sports cars on the road. Sure, they’ve got some competition these days from the big brands, but they’re still incredible instruments.

The latest Tesla to join the party – the Model Y – builds on the user-friendly, accessible nature of the Model 3 by giving you more interior space alongside more performance. The version we have for sale – the Dual Motor Performance variant – is mad. In a good way. Accelerating from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, boasting a top speed of 155mph, and producing a dizzying 426bhp, you’ll certainly have endless fun cajoling your passengers with non-stop full-throttle punches. That might wear after a while, however.

The Performance also gets a collection of exterior and interior enhancements over the standard version. 21-inch ‘Uberturbine’ wheels, red performance brake calipers, aluminium alloy pedals, carbon fibre interior and exterior trim, and a panoramic roof all ensure the Model Y feels top-notch. Everyone else is beginning to catch up to Tesla’s domination of the electric car space, but you cannot deny that Tesla still produce some of the most attractive, well-engineered, and enjoyable vehicles on the market.

If we’re honest, Tesla has made the biggest impact in terms of generating a whole ecosystem to support their cars as well. The first to install ‘superchargers’ across the UK; Tesla knows how to best capture a prevailing market segment and capitalise on its growth. Owning a Tesla is not a chore, and, although not a sexy reason, that’s possibly one of the best reasons for owning one. They’re a doddle.

Our example is presented in stunning Midnight Cheery Red metallic and can be yours for £43,950. Discover more: https://tinyurl.com/2mfv2r9z