Skoda Kodiaq Sportline - The Cool 7 Seater


Some cars alert your senses (our Toyota GR Yaris and Ford Focus RS Edition certainly enter this category), whilst others (such as our Ford Tourneo Custom minibus), are all about their ability to ferry people and their luggage about, reliably, from place to place. And both are necessary.

Our Skoda Kodiaq Sportline is one of those cars that manages to do both. It has definitely got the practicality box ticked. But then that’s a given from a car with 7 seats, plentiful storage capacity, and enough features to keep you occupied on a long journey.

With a capable four-wheel-drive system, you can point the Kodiaq at any slope and have a strong chance of climbing it; with all the family egging the driver on to attempt increasingly difficult manoeuvres. It takes it all in its stride. You feel that whatever plans you’ve got lined up: a trip to the Scottish Highlands, an epic tour of Europe, or a journey to the nearest Center Parcs, it will lap it all up and ask for more.

But what sets the Kodiaq apart from the rest is its design flair. It is not only capable, but it looks the part too. The Sportline model gives you gorgeous black styling, 20-inch ‘Vega’ alloy wheels in anthracite, and beautifully soft Alcantara sports seats with flashes of silver diamond stitching. It sounds like something out of a Bond film.

Our example’s Velvet Red metallic paint is vibrant, sharp, and deep. Its captivating hue turns heads wherever it goes. In the past, it could be said that Skoda was not the most desirable manufacturer out there, but the brand has gone and done a full 360, now producing some of the most attractive, well-made models out there. And, whisper this quietly, but in several instances, the Skoda option is the one to go for when lined up against some other VAG group products. They really have got it just right.