Inspired by San Remo - BMW 420i M Sport Convertible


We love a ‘soft-top’ in Britain. Ironically, we are experiencing arguably the worst weather we have done for a while this summer. Rain seems to be the order of the day. That does not, however, stop us from buying convertibles. Over fifteen thousand examples were sold last year, and although that is less than the previous decade, it still indicates that we love our roadsters in the UK.

BMW knows this well and has ensured that its 420i M Sport Convertible properly satisfies its customer base. The new model, for example, utilises a cloth soft-top instead of the mechanical folding hard-top which BMW has opted for previously. Retracting in a swift 18 seconds up to speeds of 31mph, it is the perfect solution to our increasingly inclement weather. It also has the benefit of being incredibly light. And we all know how important that is. Colin Chapman would certainly approve.

But that’s not all. Although our example utilises the entry-level engine offering, it still manages to hurtle from 0-62mph in an admirable 7.5 seconds. With 181bhp driven exclusively through the rear wheels, it provides a level of driver engagement that the xDrive variants arguably fail to deliver.

Sports cars, if we’re honest, are always helped along by simplicity. Yes, you can jump into your Audi with a complex 4WD system, but for a truly engaging drive, a rear-wheel drive BMW will satisfy you more.

The interior environment has also not been left behind. Wrapped in supple Black Vernasca leather and interspersed with cool metal trim, the cabin of the 420i oozes quality, contemporary flair, and a calming sense of design continuity.

It is difficult to explain, but everything is ‘just so’, as your Grandfather might say. The infotainment system is glorious. One of the best. All the car’s functions are easy to access; you’ve got Apple CarPlay as well as a whole host of settings and adjustments that you can play around with. It’s nirvana for a tech geek.

The overwhelming sense you get from the 420i is that it isn’t trying too hard. Which is a good thing. You get the feeling that BMW didn’t have to use too much brainpower to get the recipe right.

And you can tell. The body styling is perfectly balanced, and the interior is equally harmonious. But the best thing? The San Remo Green Metallic paintwork. Dark olive at night and glistening emerald in the sun, it provides that final flair that makes the 420i a real gem.

Finished in Sanremo Green metallic with with a Black Vernasca Leather Interior. Our BMW 420i M Sport Convertible is offered in excellent condition and has covered 15,000 miles. The vehicle comes complete with a Full BMW main dealer Service History and benefits from the remainder of a BMW manufacturer warranty until December 2024.